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Energy Services

In 2015 King & Moffatt Building Services expanded its capabilities by opening an Energy Services Division. The aim of the Energy Services Division is to provide clients with energy expertise to aid them in reducing their energy consumption, carbon footprint, CO² emissions and overall operating costs.

King & Moffatt’s Energy Services Division covers extensive areas of expertise which include the following:

Energy Monitoring & Management Systems

Advisor is a web-based energy management cost control system powered by ResourceKraft. Advisor gathers, processes and analyses energy data from meters and / or third-party systems and converts it into business information showing where energy is being consumed at any given time.

Energy Audits

King & Moffatt Energy Services provide Energy Audit’s and consultation to aid clients in reducing their energy consumption, carbon footprint, carbon dioxide emissions and overall operating costs.

LED Lighting Upgrades

King & Moffatt Energy Services provide an all-encompassing service including site survey, energy analysis, payback calculator, right through to design, delivery and commissioning. All of this can be achieved with zero capital outlay.

Lighting Design

King & Moffatt Energy Services provide a full lighting design service to ensure your proposed lighting system is as energy efficient as possible while also meeting all lighting needs.

Emergency Lighting Systems

King & Moffatt Energy Services provide full emergency lighting system design, commissioning, maintenance, testing and compliance consultation of emergency lighting systems.

Power Quality Analysis

King & Moffatt Energy Services provide full power quality surveys through our experienced engineers and state of the art power quality analysers and reporting software including Load Study Analysis, Capacity Reporting and Full Power Quality Reporting.

Thermographic Surveys of Electrical Infrastructure & Distribution

Infrared thermography is a non-destructive, predictive maintenance technique that can be used to monitor the thermal signatures of plant machinery, electrical apparatus and building systems without disrupting normal operations.

Solar Panel Installation & Evaluation

King & Moffatt Energy Services can provide full solar panel (PV) project evaluation, starting from a full feasibility study, project delivery, management and commissioning.

Power Factor Correction Evaluation

Poor power factor in your facility not only costs you on your energy bill, but also leads to inefficiencies and less total delivered power to your site while reducing the lifespan of electrical equipment throughout your facility.

Energy Bill and Tariff Analysis

Tendering of Seasonal Rates, Meter Profiling, Tariff Optimisation, PSO Levy Adjustment, Hedging Options.

Demand Response and National Grid Services

Earn up to €50,000 per MW from Eirgrid  / SONI for testing your Generator with King & Moffatt Energy Services, with no disruption to your site.

ISO 50001 Consultancy