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Click below to walk through the BIM Model of our New Global Headquarters!

With King and Moffatt Building Services’ qualified design team of Building Services and BIM Design Engineers designing new projects on a weekly basis, we are able to provide clients with a one stop shop for all building services’ needs.

The ongoing involvement of our trades with our design team allows us to continuously learn from our installation experiences on site. This ensures that every aspect of a job is taken into consideration before any on-site work commences and that the most innovative electrical installation design solutions are always employed.

We have been brought on board from the initial stages of many food processing, pharmaceutical and mining projects to take the project from the design to the handover stage. Our vast experience and capabilities ensure a cost effective and innovative electrical installation design solution for your project.

Our new Energy Services division and fully qualified Energy Engineer now allows us to propose the most energy efficient designs and provide best long-term value facilities to our clients.