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In 2010 King & Moffatt Building Services became ISO 9001:2008 accredited. Prior to our accreditation we invested serious time into our internal management systems. Our quality management systems encompasses all policies, standard operating procedures, flow charts and forms.

The Directors and Senior Management at King and Moffatt Building Services recognise the importance of quality control in the efficient and profitable organisation of its activities and believes that high standards of quality are an integral part of an effective organisation providing its clients with a quality service.

The Company’s aim will always be to provide a high standard of work in accordance with the project drawings and documentation on all projects undertaken.

To this end the Company operates its own Quality Plan with checklists and maintains records of quality and checks.

The QMS will be operated on all projects regardless of size or complexity and will be subject to regular reviews by senior management in order to ensure its correct operation and effectiveness. These reviews will be based on a programme of internal audits which will seek to constantly improve the documented and operational procedures.

Regular training of electrical and mechanical staff (including supervisors) takes place so as to ensure awareness and understanding of quality and its impact on customer service.

The Company’s Standard Operating Procedures define the responsibilities and methods for all activities which affect the quality of service to the customer and are to be strictly followed.  All employees, at all levels in the organisation, are to be made familiar with the relevant procedures and work to those at all times.

The requirements of the company’s QMS are mandatory and all company personnel have a responsibility and obligation to it.

Through the overall commitment to all policies, procedures, plans, checks and audits King and Moffatt Building Services are 100% committed to continuous improvement.

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