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King & Moffatt Building Services aims to achieve the highest standards of environmental performance in the interests of all our stakeholders, be they employees, owners, the public at large or the natural environment itself.

Through our input in design stage we advise clients on systems that offer the most energy efficient approach and the least impact on the external environment in which they operate.

Educating employees on simple methods of reducing our carbon foot and saving energy is highlighted on our monthly newsletter.

With the help of our energy division we make every effort to fully comply with all relevant environmental and energy legislation. We pursue a policy of continuous improvement in the implementation of its new practices. By preparing and implementing environmental policies, systems and procedures and regularly reviewing them at senior management level, we administer a continuous improvement programme designed to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment.

The environmental implications of introducing new processes and products will be carefully evaluated and cleaner technologies are utilised where possible. Waste avoidance and waste reduction and minimisation initiatives are vigorously pursued, in accordance with the best eco-efficiency practices.

Emergency procedures and equipment are maintained in readiness to minimise the impact of any accidents that could occur and to safeguard the environment.

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