King & Moffatt Offsite Prefabrication

King & Moffatt Offsite have been busy prefabricating electrical panels and containment bracketry for two of our Distribution Centre projects in the UK and Germany.

The prefabricated panels with pre-installed trunking containment are ready for installation as soon as they arrive to site in the UK, saving time for the project site team. Another added benefit is that the works are carried out in controlled manufacturing conditions at our specially configured facility in Carrick on Shannon, which also means even more control over the health and safety.

The pallets with prefabricated containment bracketry will arrive in Germany tomorrow. The shipment contains more than 1000 brackets, which will be enough to complete the whole project. The brackets took 6 days to manufacture in our facility under the supervision of our Offsite Pre-Fabrication Manager, ordinarily to complete the same work on site might take up to three times as long.


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