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Advantages of Building Information Modelling for M&E contractors

Advantages of BIM for M&E Contractors Building Information Modelling (BIM) is described as the digital representation of the functional and physical characteristics of a facility – it facilitates a shared source of knowledge about the building and its uses over time. M&E contractors like King & Moffatt are embracing this approach to deliver efficiencies for clients. What is Building Information Modelling? Building Information Modelling is a process, not just more...

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Electrical Engineering and Modular Wiring Systems

The concept of pre-fabrication and plug-and-play building is well established in the construction sector however it is relatively new when it comes to wiring and cabling on construction projects. This work would traditionally all have taken on place on-site however there is a move now towards modular wiring systems whereby the entire system is already connected to a large extent and it is then simply plugged-in on-site. This new approach...

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Energy Monitoring Services and ISO 50001

Energy efficiency is on everyone’s agenda in the current climate – whether you operate a manufacturing facility, are a main contractor in construction or provide design services for projects. We’re all familiar with the raft of related legislation and regulations and it’s clear that in the context of a heavily regulated environment, it makes sense to address this issue in a comprehensive way – sooner rather than later. However many...

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