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Energy Services

In 2017 King & Moffatt Building Services expanded its capabilities by opening an Energy Services Division. The aim of the Energy Services Division is to provide clients with energy expertise to aid them in reducing their energy consumption, carbon footprint, CO² emissions and overall operating costs.

King & Moffatt’s Energy Services Division covers extensive areas of expertise which include the following:

Energy Monitoring (King & Moffatt Energy Advisor)

King & Moffatt Energy Services through its partners ResourceKraft have recently launched Advisor 10, Energy Management System.
Advisor is a web-based energy management cost control system powered by ResourceKraft. Advisor gathers, processes and analyses energy data from meters and / or third party systems and converts it into business information, enabling organizations to understand how and where energy is being consumed at any given time across all sites. Advisor empowers organizations to incorporate KPIs, set targets, generate reports and involve management and staff to make informed energy management decisions in the drive to reduce energy costs and meet carbon commitments.

Energy and Lighting Audits

King & Moffatt Energy Services provide Energy Audit’s and consultation to aid clients in reducing their energy consumption, carbon footprint, carbon dioxide emissions and overall operating costs. Most importantly King & Moffatt Energy Services will advise if you are complying with S.I  No 426, Irelands adoption of the European Energy Directive.


S.I. No. 426 of 2014

European Union (Energy Efficiency) Regulations 2014

EU Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU):

Most new laws receive little attention and Ireland’s adoption of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU) is no exception. On first viewing, the directive imposes yet more obligations on industry. However the intent should be seen as admirable and ultimately business friendly.

In a nutshell, one of its provisions S.I. 426 applies to you if you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following:

  • Do you employ more than 250 people?
  • Do you have an annual turnover of more than €50 million per year and/or an annual balance sheet in excess of €43 million?
  • Are you a public body with individual buildings having a total useful floor area of more than 500m2 or an annual energy spend of more than €35,000?

If any of this applies to you, S.I. No 426 states you MUST:

  • Complete an energy audit by the 5th December 2015
  • Notify SEAI once complete
  • Repeat this auditing process every four years thereafter


  • As an alternative to the above, you can implement an ISO 50001 Energy Management System and gain certification.

Bill and Tariff Analysis

The first place to make savings in Energy is where you buy your Energy, by examining the rates you are currently on. Most providers and brokers focus on your unit rate when providing you with contractual quotes. However, the unit rate is not what you pay. What you pay is the total cost on your bill divided by your consumption (kWh) for that month. That real figure is significantly higher than the unit rate quoted. The reason for this is simple – the provider is only responsible for the rate. All of the other charges are from networks or are government set.

What makes King & Moffatt Energy Services and Digren different

  1. Tendering of Seasonal Rates

Here we look at the rates available from the different providers. We look at the summer and winter rate as well as the night and day rate. We profile this through the Digren Energy algorithm in conjunction with your previous 12 months consumption to establish if the proposed rates work for you. We engage with different providers to find the one best suited to your business.

  1. Meter Profiling

We carry out a full analysis of your existing meter profile and assess if changes are needed. Using the Digren Energy algorithm we prepare a report for you outlining any proposed changes and how they would impact your bottom line.

  1. Tariff Optimisation

As with the meter profiling we carry out a full assessment and present the results for you to see. Being on an incorrect Tariff adds significantly to your costs.

  1. PSO Levy Adjustment

The PSO levy is a controlled cost and is applied the same for each provider. This charge cannot be changed. However, it is calculated on consumption with set rates for different tariffs. If through the tariff optimisation we have made changes then we ensure these are passed on by adjusting the PSO levy to reflect the amended tariff.

  1. Hedging Options

The PSO levy is a controlled cost and is applied the same for each provider. This charge cannot be changed. However, it is calculated on consumption with set rates for different tariffs. If through the tariff optimisation we have made changes then we ensure these are passed on by adjusting the PSO levy to reflect the amended tariff.

No Capital Cost LED Lighting Retro-Fits

King & Moffatt along side our strategic partners UrbanVolt offers lighting as a service. We invest in upgrading our client’s industrial lighting to LEDs, and then we share the savings over five years. At the end of the five year term, our clients own the lights and keep all the savings.

As part of the service agreement, we make all the upfront investment, project manage the installation and maintain the fittings for five years. This means that we assume all of the financial, technical and operational risk of the lighting project, allowing our clients to use their capital in other areas of their business, while also permanently and immediately reducing their operating expenditure.

While we make the entire process easy, there is some information we ask for from our clients in order to trigger the analysis and qualification process.

In order to qualify for our investment, the industrial/commercial premises must a minimum lighting spend of €2,000 per month as well as a minimum lease of five years on the premises (or ownership).

In order to allow us to begin the data analysis, we require:

  • Four (or more) electricity bills. Two from winter months (Nov – Feb) and two from summer months (rest of year). We need the front and back of the bills. (Unpaid bills are fine as we just need the data.)
  • Operating hours per area for lighting (if some areas are on 12 hours per day and some for four, that must be detailed).
  • Type (wattage) and approximate quantity of light fixtures in operation – an existing site survey will accelerate the process.
  • A photo of the fittings which shows the height and how it’s mounted.

Once we are supplied with the information, we can begin our data analysis. From that, we can then determine the replacement fittings, and the savings we could deliver after we install our LED technology.

No Capital Cost LED Lighting at Design Stage

King & Moffatt along side our strategic partners provide a fully insured (by Munich-Re Insurance) LED fit out for industrial premises for no upfront cost, delivering a highly efficient alternative to previously specified lighting based on the design requirements outlined by the client.

This means we make the capital investment to supply our client’s industrial LED lighting, project manage the installation, and take complete responsibility for the fittings for 5 years. All maintenance issues are the responsibility of King & Moffatt/UrbanVolt. We are paid a monthly fee over five years, after which our clients own the lights and keep all the savings. This allows our clients to install the most efficient light fixtures without having to include in the original budget, ensuring the lowest energy and maintenance costs going forward.

Via our Light as a Service, our client’s net expenditure for lighting is immediately and permanently lower than any alternative currently in the marketplace, delivering the lowest cost of ownership.

In essence, for zero CapEx, we can reduce our client’s OpEx from day one of the installation, as well as helping to meet energy reduction targets and CSR goals.

We are currently working with a number of companies in your sector who have embraced our zero CapEx service model. Their key requirements are not only energy and cash savings but also the elimination of ongoing maintenance costs and the meeting of CSR goals.

Power Quality Analysis

King & Moffatt Energy Services provide full power quality surveys through our experienced engineers and state of the art power quality analysers and reporting software. King & Moffatt’s Energy Team will promptly attend site to assess your electrical issue and analyse and provide detailed reporting with recommendations to provide practical solutions to each individual case. King & Moffatt Energy Services Power Quality Reports include the following:

  • Load Study Analysis and Capacity Reporting
    • Investigation into baseline usage, kVA usage, Current (I) loading, Power Factor Correction Analysis.
    • Assess and evaluate appropriate Maximum Import Capacity (MIC)
  • Full Power Quality Reporting & EN 50160 Compliance
    • Voltage
    • Current
    • Harmonics
    • THD
    • Power Frequency
    • Voltage Unbalance
    • Flicker

Emergency Lighting Commissioning & Design

King & Moffatt Energy Services provide full emergency lighting system design, commissioning, maintenance, testing and compliance consultation of emergency lighting systems.
Under Irish legislation, it is a mandatory requirement to provide and maintain emergency lighting systems in all public and commercial buildings.
King & Moffatt Energy Services provide and mandatory quarterly and annual tests of all fittings and escape routes to ensure your lighting installation is compliant to standards.

Thermal Imaging of Electrical Systems (Preventive Maintenance)

How Predictive Maintenance and Thermal Imaging can ensure system efficiencies and minimise plant downtime.

Heat is a form of energy, so where heat is lost, energy is lost. With 2020 energy targets looming, energy efficient grants are becoming more prevalent and companies are becoming more and more focused on green and sustainability initiatives. Unfortunately, a lot of companies are overlooking one of the most lucrative opportunities for energy savings – predictive maintenance in the form of infrared thermography.

Infrared thermography is a non-destructive, predictive maintenance technique that can be used to monitor the thermal signatures of plant machinery, electrical apparatus and building systems without disrupting normal operations.

Regular thermographic inspections can be an extremely effective tool to optimise equipment and system efficiencies. They help diagnose existing or potential failures of electrical, mechanical, refractory and building envelope related systems, saving your facility from the expense and inconvenience of significant or catastrophic equipment failure.

Studies have shown that companies can cut energy consumption at a plant by 10%, while also preventing possible health and safety issues like fire hazard. Many industrial, high-rise and commercial fires are caused by faulty electrical components, which result in costly downtime, lost production, equipment replacement costs, injury or, at worst, loss of human life.

Infrared thermography provides non-destructive detection of potential “hot spots” and allows for planned monitoring of electrical apparatus and scheduling for preventive maintenance repairs before catastrophic failure occurs. The old saying illustrates a “picture paints a thousand words”. King & Moffatt Building Services comprehensive thermal imaging surveys will aid you to identify potential and existing problems and hazards before they become visible to the human eye.

Energy Efficient Lighting Design & Conformance Analysis

King & Moffatt Energy Services provide full a full lighting design service to ensure your proposed lighting system is as energy efficient as possible while also meeting all needs.

Demand Response and National Grid Services

Earn up to €50,000 per MW from Eirgrid  / SONI for testing your Generator with King & Moffatt Energy Services, with no disruption to your site.

ISO 50001 Consultancy