Energy Services

In 2015 King & Moffatt Building Services expanded its capabilities by opening an Energy Monitoring Services Division. The aim of the Energy Monitoring Services Division is provide clients with energy expertise to aid them in reducing their energy consumption, carbon footprint, carbon dioxide emissions and overall operating costs.

King & Moffatt’s Energy Monitoring Services Division covers extensive areas of expertise which include the following:

  • Energy Monitoring (King & Moffatt Energy Advisor)
  • Energy Audits
  • Bill and Tariff Analysis
  • No Capital Cost LED Lighting Retro-Fits
  • Power Quality Analysis
  • Thermal Imaging of Electrical Systems (Preventive Maintenance)
  • Energy Efficient Lighting Design

The recent launch of King & Moffatt’s energy monitoring services division, allows organisations to manage energy costs and identify inefficiencies in their processes. Our Advisors empower organisations to incorporate KPIs, set targets, generate reports and involve management and staff to make informed energy management decisions in the drive to reduce energy costs and meet carbon commitments.